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Michigan State University has long been recognized as a premier institution for research and education in forensic science, and is home to a number of excellent resources for the study of forensic science. The School of Criminal Justice maintains modern laboratory facilities containing equipment and instrumentation for the analysis of virtually any type of physical evidence, from chromatography equipment for drugs, explosives, and arson evidence, to microscopy techniques for trace evidence analysis, to genetic analyzers for the analysis of DNA. The Forensic Science Masters program at Michigan State University is designed to give students a broad theoretical and practical background in the scientific, legal, and investigative aspects of forensic science while providing the opportunity to study one of the major disciplines in depth.



American Academy of Forensic Sciences Annual Meeting

Several Forensic Science Masters students and alumni presented papers and posters at the 67th Annual American Academy of Forensic Science in Orlando, Florida. Congratulations on a successful conference!

Paper presentations
  • Intra-Bone Variation of Recoverable Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNA in Femora. Timothy C. Antinick, BA*; David R. Foran, PhD
  • Quantification of Controlled Substances in Simulated Samples Using Attenuated Total Reflectance-Fourier Transform Infrared Spectometry (ATR-FTIR) and Principal Components Regression. Fanny Chu, BS*; Ruth Waddell Smith, PhD
  • The Influence of Distance, Depth, and Time and Forensic DNA Profiling of Soil Bacteria. Ellen M. Jesmok, BS*; James M. Hopkins, MS; David R. Foran, PhD
  • Bacterial Profiling of Soil Evidentiary Items Using Next Generation Sequencing. Ellen M. Jesmok, BS*; David R. Foran, PhD
Poster presentations
  • Mathematical Modeling of Evaporated Petroleum Distillate Standards. Rebecca J. Brehe, BS*; John W. McIlroy, PhD; Ruth Waddell Smith, PhD; Victoria L. McGuffin, PhD
  • Maximizing DNA Recovery and Short Tandem Repeat (STR) Data from Spent Cartridge Casings. Ashley M. Mottar, MS*; Rebecca L. Ray; David R. Foran, PhD
  • Examination of Factors That Affect the Recovery and Analysis of DNA from Spent Cartridge Casings. Rebecca L. Ray, BS*; Ashley M. Mottar, MS; David R. Foran, PhD
*Presenting author

2015 NIJ Forensic Science R&D Grantees Meeting

Director and Professor David Foran and student Ellen Jesmok presented their paper, Developing Reliable Methods for Microbial Fingerprinting of Soils, at the 2015 NIJ Forensic Science R&D Grantees Meeting—It's a Small World: How Collaboration Leads to Innovative Research. The event highlighted how current NIJ research awards were influenced or inspired by collaboration among researchers or practitioners to address a common forensic need.


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Advanced Degree Commencement

Friday, December 18 at 3:30 p.m.
Jack Breslin Student Events Center
534 Birch Road
East Lansing, MI 48824

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AAFS 68th Annual Meeting

February 22-27, 2016
Las Vegas, NV
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