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Forensic Biology Research Areas

Research in the laboratory focuses on designing and perfecting techniques that help advance the fields of forensic biology and forensic molecular biology. We also strive to develop a better practical and theoretical understanding of methods currently used in state, federal, and private forensic laboratories. Research encompasses both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA, and whil the primary focus is on the human species, work is performed on trace evidence from domestic animals that may exist at a crime scene, and wildlife species that are endangered, threatened, or otherwise at risk.

Alyssa Badgley: Received her BA in Biology and BS in Forensic and Investigative Sciences from IUPUI (2014). Her research involves the examination of multiple factors that may influence bacterial profiling's ability to trace soil evidence back to a crime scene.
Brianna Bermudez: Received her BS in Forensic Science from Eastern New Mexico University (2015). Research interests include analysis of biological evidence and application to law.
Emily Heinz: Received her BS in Biomedical Sciences from Central Michigan University (2014).